The 31st annual Southwest MOPAR Mini-Nationals had a great turnout, and featured a wide variety of quality cars.

The Dallas MOPAR Club hosted its 31st annual Southwest MOPAR Mini-Nationals over Labor Day weekend. Turnout was great, with approximately 165 cars representing nine decades of production. The quality of the cars was outstanding. A selection of cars were presented as part of the Order of the Pentastar, judged on a rigorous 1000 point scale. The show participants were friendly and accommodating, and I had a fun time chatting with them about their rides. They were all justifiably proud of their cars.

Most of the cars were parked in the shade under old cypress and pecan trees, which took the edge off of the heat. It did make for spotty, uneven reflections on the cars, though, which limited the exterior shots available. Nonetheless, I hope this gallery shows the breadth and quality of the cars that were present. Enjoy!